The Health Equity Roadmap

A national initiative to drive improvement in health care outcomes, health equity, diversity and inclusion.

About the Health Equity Roadmap

The Health Equity Roadmap is a framework to help hospitals and health care systems chart their own paths toward transformation — thus becoming more equitable and inclusive organizations.

The American Hospital Association (AHA) vision is of a just society of healthy communities, where all individuals reach their highest potential for health. Through its Institute for Diversity and Heath Equity, the AHA seeks to eliminate structural barriers that compromise diversity, equity and inclusion in hospitals and health care systems.

Start Your Journey

The Health Equity Transformation Assessment, an electronic assessment tool, will provide hospitals and health systems with their current position on the health equity journey. We encourage you to complete and submit the Health Equity Transformation Assessment within 45 days of receiving it.

Jack Lynch III, president and CEO of Main Line Health, describes the importance of the Health Equity Roadmap:

The results from the assessment will serve as both a diagnostic of current state and a baseline to provide a structure and process for continuous improvement toward transforming into a more equitable and inclusive health care system.


Complete the Health Equity Transformation Assessment (HETA)

If you do not have access to your unique HETA link, email us at


Review the Profile containing results from the assessment and work on the Transformation Action Planners

Once you complete the HETA, the Profile link shared in the Welcome email will be available within 3 weeks from the completion date.


Move across the Health Equity Roadmap Continuum and track your progress

Complete each of the Transformation Action Planner for the six levers to document your organization’s health equity journey and move across the continuum. 


Click here to view how the Health Equity Roadmap aligns with CMS and Joint Commission standards.

Ready to Start?

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The Health Equity Transformation Assessment

The Six Levers of Transformation

Research and experience show that leading health equity strategies cut across six levers of transformation within health care organizational structures. Explore and learn what's needed to build internal capacity to improve performance and advance on the equity journey.

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Practicing cultural humility and activities that improve culturally appropriate care such as language access and health literacy.

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Applying a DEI lens to organizational policies and supporting an equitable and inclusive climate and culture.

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Using quantitative and qualitative data to inform, design, and evaluate improvement strategies.

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Creating pathways that lead to diversifying leadership ranks to reflect the populations and communities served.

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Advancing health equity and fostering healthy communities by investing in strong hospital-community partnerships.

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Creating infrastructure to maintain accountability to sustain DEI work across departments and service lines.

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The Continuum

Hospitals and health systems can be in any of the following positions along the continuum.


Exploring deep red dot.


Exploring the values and resources needed to publicly commit to embarking upon a journey toward health equity.

Committing gold dot.


Committing the resources to listen, learn, train and implement policies and practices that establish equity as the standard practice.

Immersing gray dot.


Immersing the leadership and system into accountability for implementing policies, procedures and cultural structures that support diversity, equity and inclusion.

Affirming light blue dot.


Affirming a just, equitable system culture with continuous equity self-assessments of policies and practices that remove structural barriers to equity.

Transforming light green dot.


Transforming beyond the system toward supporting a sustainable and equitable ecosystem of health care within the community.



Health Equity Action Library

The Health Equity Action Library (HEAL) offers curated actionable tools and resources for organizational change.

Over the past year, we gathered information from research, member input, and internal and external roundtable conversations.

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Health Equity Transformation Model dots.