Value Proposition

American Hospital Association’s (AHA) Health Equity Roadmap Value Proposition

The AHA’s Health Equity Roadmap provides value to hospitals and health systems seeking to advance equity within their organizations and the communities they serve.

The AHA’s comprehensive Health Equity Transformation Model, developed by its Institute for Diversity and Health Equity (IFDHE), addresses structural racism and other structural barriers impacting health outcomes, workforce and operational opportunities, patient safety and quality improvement. Hospitals participating in the Health Equity Roadmap have access to concepts, tools and resources to begin or accelerate their equity journey. The model accounts for the variance in resources and stages of readiness across our membership. We do not seek to provide a one size fits all approach to advancing equity.

The Health Equity Roadmap is a comprehensive and accessible suite of assets, including:

  • a self-pace assessment
  • profile of assessment results
  • tools to mobilize teams around strategic implementation
  • curated resources housed in the Health Equity Action Library
  • access to a virtual peer learning community

The AHA’s Health Equity Roadmap is the solution to for hospitals and health systems seeking to dismantle structural barriers that impede health as a goal. It is also a solution to address the evolving regulatory landscape positing equity measures and standards as an institutional imperative. A prosperous nation can only thrive when health is both equitable in its implementation and represented through just policies and practices.

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